[Above]. A full grown larvae of the Clipper Butterfly (Parthenos sylvia). These would be very easy to breed if enough foodplant (Adenia) is grown.

[Above]. Adenia sp. The foodplant for "Clipper" butterfly larvae (P.sylvia)
growing well in the Propagation house.

[Above] Common Rose larvae and far too many eggs of the zebra (Heliconius charitonia).

[Above]. A large larvae of the Common Rose (Pachilopta) on
Aristolochia trilobata.
This is one of the slowest growing of the Pipevines so of course, the female butterflies prefer to lay on it, before the other, faster growing types !

Passiflora "Empress"
This has lots of very showy flowers and is a reasonable foodplant for Postman butterflies (Heliconius melpomene)

[Above].  We have an abundance of berries on the Psiguria vines. The berries are edible, so I may just make a
Psiguria pie this week !