The ELG List - July 1st 1989 - 10 years ago. - continued......

FOR SALE: - Expected Soon - Ova of Japanese Moon Moth, Actias gnoma @ £2 per doz. + SAE.  Interesting species, easy on Alder (its only foodplant in the wild).  Also takes Liquidamber.  Also ova of Leucanella Leucane (ex-Mexico) - large bullseye moth with spectacular velvet black larvae having yellow spines.  Easy on leaves of many trees, £2 per doz. + SAE.  Alan Marson, 6 Woodkind Hey, Bebington, Wirral, L63 9JZ.  TEL: 051 334 7205. Alan is still a member, but what happened to gnoma?

FOR SALE: Available for immediate delivery - Speckled Wood larvae @ £2.56 per 12; Ringlet ova @ £2.56 per 15;  Meadow Brown ova @ £2.35 per 15;  Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary larvae @ £3.55 per 12;  Small Tortoiseshell ova @ £2.35 per 15;  Comma ova @ £3.14 per 15;  Peacock pupae @ 73p ea.;  Common Blue larvae @ £2.46 per 12.  All prices inclusive of P&P. WANTED: Ova, larvae or pupae of Chalkhill Blue, Red Admiral and Camberwell Beauty.  M. Spurrell, 10 Harrington Road, Stockwood, Bristol. BS14 8LD. Malcolm is still a member!

FOR SALE: Convolvulus Hawk pupae @ £2 ea. + 50p P&P per order please.  Available now.  Mr. D.W. Joy, 98 The Bourn. Hastings,  E.Sussex. TN34 3BD. TEL:  0424 716328. Doug still does his Convolvulus Hawk! Gosh - aren't we all boring!

FOR SALE: Ova/larvae of Robin Moth (Hyalophora cecropia) at £1.00 per 10 + SAE:. Bernard Page, 74 Lyndhurst Gardens, Enfield, Middlesex EN1 2AP.
Bernard is still a member! - The H.cecropia seem very cheap!

FOR SALE: Eyed Hawk, Lime Hawk and Puss Moth ova/larvae £1.00 per 10.  Also Kentish Glory larvae 2nd instar at £4.00 per 10 plus 50p P&P per order or will exchange.  P.A. Selby, Juniper Nurseries, Sutton Road, Tydd, Nr Wisbech, Cambs. PE13 SQA. Tel:  0945 76672.

FOR SALE: Comma larvae at £3.00 per doz, Comma pupa 50p each.  Glanville Fritillary at pupae at £0.60 each.  Peacock larvae at £2.50 per doz. Peacock pupae at 40p each. Please add 30p towards P&P. WANTED:  larvae of Chalkhill Blue, Grizzled Skipper, Silver Studded Blue, White Letter Hairstreak.  Tony Gardner, Thorntrees Cottage, Thorntrees Avenue, Barton, Preston PR3 5DT Tel:  0772 862221.  I wonder if Tony ever got Grizzled Skipper? It's not very commonly offered.

FOR SALE: Larvae of the Large Thorn (E. autumnaria) feeding on Hawthorn at £2.00 per 20.  Price includes P&P.  S. Ward, I Upgate Street, Carleton, Rode, Norfolk, NR16 INJ Tel: Attleborough 860657. Stephen's still with us!

FOR SALE:  Black Veined white ova £4.00 per batch post free. Greenhouse equipment: Humidity Switches £3.00, Cooling Fans £5.00, Thermostats £5.00, ~ Alloy Blades for Fan £2.00.  All post free.  Mr B. Clegg, 173 Waidshouse Road, Nelson, Lancs. BB9 ORR. I bet Brian still spends just as much time in his greenhouse - when he's not surfing the net!

FOR SALE:  Larvae of Dingy Skipper, Small Copper, Pearl Bordered Fritillary, Speckled Wood, Wall Brown.  All l0p each.  Please add 30p towards P&P. Also Green Hairstreak 25p each plus 30p P&P. Please return containers or add a further l0p P&P per larvae for this species.  British stocks with locational data. Please phone for rearing advice if required.  Martin white, 12 Kedleston Road, Worksop, Notts S81 ouc Tel:  0909 474524. Martin (like myself) was a young & strapping 30 year old then. Now we're 40 & over the hill!

FOR SALE: Deaths Head Hawk Moth ova £2.50 per dozen.  N. W. Jones, 31 Drummau Road, Birchgrove, Swansea, West Glamorgan.  Check availability on (0792) 816979 Evenings only.

FOR SALE:  Poplar Hawk larvae feeding on Sallow £1.50 per dozen. Mr S. D. Coles, 58 Holly Street, Nelson, Lancs B29 OTG.  Tel: 693698. 7 - 8 pm.
Stephen's still with us!  I reckon there were more Hawkmoths offered 10 years ago.

FOR SALE:  Glanville Fritillary Pupae (M.cinxia) 40p each.  Marsh Fritillary pupae (E. Aurinia) 75p each.  Purple Hairstreak ova (Q.Quercus) £4.00/10.  Meadow Brown pupae (M.Jurtina) 75p each.  Ringlet (A.Hyperantus) larvae £2.00/l0, pupae 75p each. Just in from Malaysia, Golden Emperor Cocoons (L.Sikkima) An unusual sought after species, only £2.85 each or £22.00 per 10.  Giant Atlas cocoons, large healthy specimens £2.15 each.  Lime Hawk Moth larvae (M.Tiliae) £1.00 per 10.  Tau Emperor (A.Tau) larvae £3.00/10.  Snowberry Clearwing Hawk Moth from the U.S.A., a very nice bee-like hawk, pupae £2.98 each.  For full Spring/Summer catalogue send £1.00, includes over 150 Species of lepidoptera, plus numerous insects/invertebrates/amphibians and reptiles. J. Wright, 12 Sandygate Close, Ho~bling, Sleaford, Lincs, NG3 0PN Tel: (0529) 240591.

FOR SALE: Pupae of Papilio Bianor & Papiho Polytes.  P. Bianor @ £2.50 ea. or £1.75 ea. for 10 or more. P. Polytes @ £1.80 ea. or £1.40 for 10 or more. Larvae of above still available @ £2.50 for 10 for P. Bianor & £2 for 10 for P. Polytes.  Andrew Booth, 55 Avanue Road, St. Neots, Cambs, PE19 ILJ.  TEL:  0480 72076.  Andrew Booth is still a member - many of these guys must have been here from the begining in the late 1970's.

FOR SALE:  Pupae of Spurge Hawk @ £1.60 ea., Convolvulus Hawk @ £3 ea.  Ova of Hemaris Diffinis @ £2.50 for 20.  Please add 50p P&P and send SAE for list.  Paul Nichol, Swindon Hawk Moth Centre, 18 Lyddon way, Greenmeadow, Swindon, Wilts. SN2 3PE.  TEL:  0793 726321.
Paul is still a member!

WANTED:  ova of Ground Lackey (Malacosoma castrersis) for a Scientist in the USA who has done 15 years intensive work on their similar species M. americanuiri and wishes to compare behaviour.  Also, ova of Camberwell Beauty for similar studies.  Rupert Barrington, 6, Northleaze, Long Ashton, Bristol, Avon, B518 9HS.  TEL: 0272 393707.  Rupert's still a member and still works for BBC Natural History Unit. In fact I reckon he's a Producer now - I keep noticing his name on the credits.