Eco80 Heath Trap (230V) Upgrade
For Eco20 Actinic Heath Trap.

Answering the question "Can I run a MV lamp in my Eco20 Trap"... Now you can upgrade your existing Eco20 Actinic trap to a 80W Mercury Vapour trap with this
upgrade kit for 230V. - The Kit contains:

80W Indoor MV Choke unit (230V).
80W MV Lamp (ES).
Deflector Vane set to suit 80W MV Lamp.

Simply screw in the new MV Lamp, swap the vanes, and plug your trap into the 80W choke unit...

PRICE £59.95 + £5.95 P&P (UK)

For more information or to order -
(Paul) or 07792 415 886.

SPECIMEN TUBS 60ml - £5.00 per 10; £9.00 per 20.
90ml - £7.00 per 10; 13.00 per 20. 250ml - 90p each.