Complete Skinner Type Moth-trap Set - in neat Aluminium carrying case. for U.K. & European 230 V (mains) or 12V D.C.  operation.

*NEW* Now available with 12V D.C. - 25W Actinic, with or without Solar Switch ! *NEW*

SORRY - DISCONTINUED - 3 only left (31/01/10) ORDER NOW: Cased traps and Aluminium Skinner Traps Discontinued as my supplier is not making the traps anymore. New ABS Skinner traps to be announced soon.

NEW FOR 2007, and specially produced for us by Tony Rouse of Kent, this is a lightwieght, collapsible full-size Skinner trap (size approx 18" square x 12" deep - 450mm x 430mm x 300mm).  The trap flat-packs and packs away in the aluminium flight case along with the relevant electrics with room for some pill-boxes etc.  For weights - see various options below.

The Skinner will accept almost any type of electrics (don't ask for 400W Mercury ! ) and some of the options are listed below.

For FULL SIZE - 18" x 17" x 12" Skinner traps without case - see bottom of page.

12V DC 15W & 25W Actinic - see below.

ALUMINIUM CASE SIZE: Overall: 18" x 13.5" x 6.5" approx (450mm x 345mm x 165mm).


STC1 - TRAP & CASE ONLY (No electrics) - includes a mounting bar to fix your own electrics onto.
WEIGHT 4.5kg. PRICE: £95.00  (+ £8.95 P&P).

STC1-MV50 - TRAP & CASE with Hawk Starpoint 50W MERCURY VAPOUR ELECTRICS SET for 230V (mains) operation.  WEIGHT 6.5kg total. PRICE: £129.95 (+ £9.95 P&P). Comes with all Electrics and 2 x 50W MV lamps. Electrics incl. 10m lead & rainproof ballast unit, lampholder, etc.

(M.V. OPTIONS): Also available with 80W & 125W MV Electrics, - add £25 to above price - but please note - the chokeboxes supplied with 80W & 125W are now all rainproof. The 80W & 125W MV will NOT run from the 150W Inverter as stated below, so should NOT be chosen for a fully portable trap pack option.

STC1-ACT40 - TRAP & CASE with HAWK 40W ACTINIC SET for 230V (mains) operation. WEIGHT: 5.6kg total. PRICE: £129.95 (+ £9.95 P&P). Comes with 40W Actinic Electrics set with 10m lead, rainproof electronic ballast unit, 1 x tube.

STC1-MBT160 - TRAP & CASE WITH 160W MERCURY MBT LAMP for 230V (mains) operation. WEIGHT: 5.3kg total. PRICE: £119.95 (+ £9.95 P&P). Comes with lampholder assembly, 10m lead & 1 x 160W ES MBT Blended Mercury Lamp.

STC1-BLACK - TRAP & CASE WITH 25W COMPACT FLUORESCENT BLACK LAMP for 230V (mains) operation. WEIGHT: 5.3kg total. PRICE: £119.95 (+ £9.95 P&P). Comes with lampholder assembly, 10m lead & 1 x 25W ES Black Lamp.

STC1-MBT+ BLACK - TRAP & CASE WITH 160W MERCURY MBT LAMP AND C/F BLACK LAMP for 230V (mains) operation. WEIGHT: 5.5kg total. PRICE: £129.95 (+ £9.95 P&P). Comes with lampholder assembly, 10m lead & 1 x 160W ES MBT Blended Mercury Lamp + 1 x ES C/F Black Lamp.


FOR ADDITIONAL 12V D.C. OPTION ON ANY OF THE ABOVE - order 150W INVERTER (£29.95). Comes with cigar plug and croc clips.

NEW: 25W ACTINIC for Skinner Trap - 12V
Order STC1-25W-ACT for the complete Skinner trap with case and 25W Actinic control for 12V.
WEIGHT: 5.0 kg. PRICE: £129.95 (+ £9.95 P&P). Comes with 12V DC Control gear and 1 x 25W tube. Please specify croc-clips or cigar-plug fitting. Current drain is 1.4A (@ 12V DC). ALSO WITH INTEGRAL SOLAR SWITCH - Price £149.95 (Order STC1-25W-ACT-SOLAR).

IN ADDITION - I can also supply a low power (8W) Actinic which will run from 8 x AA batteries or from a small external 12V Motorcycle battery or similar.  This 12 inch (30cm) unit fits easily across the electrics bar on the skinner and comes with a 2m power lead. A New 15W (12V) Actinic is available (limited qty) - please enquire.

Order STC1-8W-ACT for the complete Skinner trap with case and 8W Actinic option. WEIGHT 4.7kg. PRICE £119.00 (+ £9.95 P&P). Comes with 1 x 8W Actinic tube (Extra tubes ordered at same time £4.50 each). Batteries not included.

FULL SIZE SKINNER TRAPS: (see photos opposite left). PRICE £129.95 (+ £9.95 P&P) supplied with either  125W M.V.set or 40W Actinic. (Can be supplied with both for £179.95 + £14.95 P&P).

ABOVE: New 12V Gear - the photo shows a 12V - 22W Actinic - the 25W unit available for use with the Skinner trap is identical except it drives a 25W 9" U-tube instead of the circular tube shown above.



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