At last, a compact fluorescent lamp is available in the Actinic spectrum of 368nm. The lamp is 20W and has a ES (E27) screw base.
20W in a compact fluorescent is equivalent to 120W normal.

As with all compact fluorescents, the lamp runs from mains (230V) &  needs no control gear.  In addition to this, it will (in many cases) run with MV control gear in line. Will run via an inverter.

This means that your Mercury Vapour traps (provided the lampholder is ES screw) will run with the new actinic lamp making it a simple matter of unscrewing your MV lamp and screwing in an
Actinic, to convert you trap from MV to Actinic and back again.

PRICES: £14.95 each (+ £3.35 P&P)
PER 3: £12.95 each (+ £5.95 P&P)

Contact me for more details or to reserve lamps.

(Paul) or 07792 415 886.