(These links were supplied by member Leonardo Zanzani - many thanks!)

The Links are in no particular order!

Green Hills Butterfly Ranch

The Butterfly Zone

All Lepidoptera Photolist (with English common names)

Butterflies of Catalonia

Association for Tropical Lepidoptera

World of Insects

Toru Shimada Home Page

The Online Lepidopterist's Who's Who

The Insect Company

The Dominick Moth Collection

Seago Pages

Scott Henninger's Home Page

Ressources en histoire naturelle

The Lepidopterists' Society - News

Mike's Magic Moths

Mario Butterfly Village 98

Links di Entomologia

Lepidopterists' Society Home Page


La Lepidoteca (Espania)

Ken Thorne Home Page

Internet Resources for Lepidopterists

International Federation of Butterfly Enthusiasts

Il Fantastico Mondo degli Insetti di Paolo Veronisi

Ianni Butterfly Enterprises

Hong Kong Moths W3 Hyperlinks

Hong Kong Lepidoptera Group Home Page

Hark's Butterfly & Comet Photo Pages

Falena - Negozio Entomologico

European Butterfly Livestock Supplies
(Malcolm Spurrell) - (M)

Entomology on the World-Wide-Web

Electronic Resources on Lepidoptera

Chuck's Butterfly Page

Butterfly Encounters

Butterflies of Skippack Village

Papillons du Nouveau-Brunswick
(Butterflies of New Brunswick)

Okay, so I agree, both myself and Leonardo are a little orientated towards
Lepidoptera - so if you have links for other orders - SEND THEM TO ME